New Year’s Resolutions

We at Distinctly Different do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. However, this year we are going to try to keep these two New Year’s resolutions.

1 Regular maintenance of our shoes.

Keeping your shoes in pristine condition takes time and say so yourself who has time for that?
But maintaining your shoes does not have to be a tedious job at all. The first step in maintaining your shoes starts with cedarwood shoe trees.

Cedarwood shoe trees prevent creases and cracks in the leather, so your shoes last longer. Furthermore, cedarwood shoe trees ensure that moisture is absorbed from the shoe. This makes the leather breathe better and will damage less quickly. In addition, cedarwood kills bacteria, while leaving a fresh and delicious scent.

Do you want to give your shoes a quick cleanup? Use Saphir Lotion, it nourishes and cleans the shoes. For a deeper cleansing and to remove old wax and cream layers, use Saphir Renomat of Saddle Soap. Have your shoes been in the closet for centuries and do they need a deep cleanse? Use Saphir Mink Oil. This nourishes the leather thoroughly, giving your shoes its natural look back.

Do you only wear suede shoes? Use Sapir Omninettoyant Cleaner to remove surface stains. Your shoes still not clean enough? Use a block of Saphir Gommadin stain remover. Then brush the suede lightly with a Saphir Crepe Brush. As the final and most important step, spray your shoes with Saphir Invulner Spray or Saphir Renovateur.

2 Starting to shave as a gentleman 

Men nowadays are always in a hurry, even when it comes down to shaving their face. However, it can be such a relaxing experience. In four easy steps, you too can start the new year with wet shaving.

Step 1: Pre-shave

Make sure to always wet your face with hot water. The warm water ensures that the pores open and the beard hair softens. Start your shave with a shaving oil or gel to reduce friction of the razor on the skin.

Step 2: Lather Up!

The most important part of a comfortable shave is the application of shaving foam. Use a shaving brush to apply the foam to the skin. With a good shaving cream or soap, you can shave closer to the skin and get the best and smoothest result. (Also check out our blog post for creating the perfect shaving foam.)

Step 3: The Shave.

Start by heating up your blade in hot water. A hot razor cuts better through the hairs and is more hygienic. Try to put as little as pressure as possible on the razor, let the weight of the razor do the work. It is important that you rinse the knife in hot water between strokes. (For a step-by-step explanation click here!)

Step 4: Moisturize

The last and one the most important steps is the use of aftershave. After shaving, the skin tends to be slightly irritated and in need of hydration. Start by cooling the skin first by rinsing your face with cold water (this will close the pores, so no more dirt can get into the skin). A good aftershave lotion ensures that the skin is nourished with natural extracts, which soothes the skin and bring it back into balance.

2018 is going to be the year of the true Gentleman


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