How to start with wet shaving and what to look for!

Wet shaving is already for a few years not a part of the category “just like before” anymore. More and more men get back to the traditional shaving. The reasons differ from each other. Think of style, better shaving, better products, but also the wallet is playing a big role in the choices. That last one may sounds strange, but the blades from the safety razor are much cheaper than for example the razors from Gilette. We will later talk about those considerations. In this article we discuss the do’s and don’ts when you start with wet shaving.

Good preparation is necessary and half of the job!

When first starting with wet shaving, it is important that you prepare your skin for what’s about to come. Only making your face wet with some cold water is not enough. Maybe you know those wet warm towels that they use in Barbershops. And that is not without a reason. Wash your face first with warm water to make the hairs soft. The perfect time for shaving, is after the shower. The hairs on your face have already softened during the shower.

Use a good shaving product!

In the supermarket there is plenty to get for wet shaving as that is most of the time where you start looking for products. But the advice is to skip those products. Think about foam and gel in a spray can. Most of the time they contain ingredients that cause dry skin. A shaving cream (the cream in the name says it all) nourishes the skin directly. Because of the layer that you put on your skin, it is better protected during shaving.

With a good shaving cream or shaving soap you also have fewer allergies and irritations. Choose always for a shaving cream without parabens, which prevents you from a lot of trouble. The products of Edwin Jagger and Taylor of Old Bondstreet are good brands with natural ingredients. You can get them in all kinds of packaging. A pot of cream it what you see the most, but they also sell a tube of cream, handy for travelling or a shaving soap, very old school. Just have a look at what you like the most and find most practical. Most of the products are easy to apply with your hands, but for a good and foamy experience we advise you so use a shaving brush. Trust me, after using it, you never want to be without anymore.

Listen to your body!

That may sound a bit woolly, but that’s not the intention. Actually at this point only two things are important, hair and skin. The easiest way is to shave along with the direction of the hair. The first time you apply the foam (every time you shave, not just when you start with wet shaving) you shave along with the growth direction of the hair. You can try to shave a little part in the opposite direction, you immediately will notice the difference. And for a smoother result you can apply foam for the second time and then shave in the perpendicular growth direction. Or even a third time against the growth direction

Your skin is another point to take into account. The skin of one men can be firmer than the other. How much pressure can you put on your razor and how fast and hard you can shave your skin, that is important. Be, especially in the beginning a bit mild for your skin. It’s a new experience and your face have to get used to that. Do not press to hard go in gentle strokes over your face. Preferably you try it two times then being full of scratches at the first time.

To give your skin a nice shave it is very important to never shave on a dry piece, not even a small piece. If you do, you will have red spots on your face in no time. Make sure you always put soap, gel or foam on your knife. Or in extreme case, when you don’t have any product around, you can use water.

Buy an Alum block!

Even when you read a lot, did a lot of preparation, has the best of the best razor and shaving products. Even then… You probably will cut yourself during your first wet shave. And that is logical and definitely not something to be ashamed of. Even experienced wet shavers will still cut themselves sometimes. The bleeding from the wounds can actually be stopped easily. With tiny slices cold water always helps, but there is also the alum block. You can tip the wound with the alum block and the bleeding stops almost emediately. You can also use it all over your face for closing your pores after shaving. A wet alum block works the best.




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