How to – Bow your bow tie!


When having a do-it-yourself bow tie, you always need to think twice. How do you make a bow again? To help you with that we explain in 6 steps how you can bow your bow tie.


  1. Create a simple knot with both ends and make sure that the end from A is a little longer (2 to 3 cm)

bow tie 1

  1. Grap A and make room to expand B in a bow shape on the first tied knot

bow tie 2

  1. Position A vertically over the B knot

bow tie 3

  1. Create of A the same form as the B and place it on the knot so that both ends make a cross.

bow tie 4

  1. The tricky part: Pull the long end of the bow tie over and behind the half finished bow. Pull the bow tie till it is solid, but leave a small loop open. Do this with your finger, because the long end will go true that part.

bow tie 5

  1. Tighten the knot that you have created and straighten it up. Make the bow ‘smooth’, especially the small part in the middle.

bow tie 6


If this doesn’t work for you? No worries, we also have the ready-to-go bow ties! Easy.


Our friends of New Tailor explain the steps in the video below!

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