How to – Remove old shoe polish?

Well-maintained shoes are regularly cleaned. But, too much or wrong shoe polish (synthetic) is not good for the leather. Or you accidentally used the wrong color shoe polish. It may be necessary to remove the old layers of shoe polish before you start with a new layer. By removing dirt and old shoe polish, the new shoe cream or wax can draw better into the leather. But what is the best way to remove those old layers of shoe polish? There are various products for that. Think about, Saphir Saddle soap and Saphir Renomat.

Saddle soap

Saddle soap van Saphir is a soap specially made for cleaning leather and ideal for cleaning shoes before you start brushing them. With the supplied sponge and hot water, you can clean your shoes. If you are satisfied with the removed dirt and old layers, you can remove the soap residue from your shoes. After that, you can rub the shoes with a dry cotton cloth. Let your shoes dry after that, before you start with a new layer of shoe polish.


Saphir Renomat is a cleaner that is designed to thoroughly clean leather. It removes both dirt and old layers of shoe polish, including synthetic shoe polish based on silicones. You apply the Renomat with the supplied brush. After cleaning the shoes with Renomat you remove the soap residue with a dry cloth or shoe brush. Then you let them dry for at least 15 minutes before you start with a new layer of shoe polish.

Renomat is also great for removing stains from the leather or cleaning shoe brushes. But it is advisable to try the Renomat first on a part of the leather that is the least visible.

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