As it should be : Double Edged Safety Razor

Shaving, shaving in a Barbershop, taking the time to take care of yourself. these are all developments that have been on the rise more and more in recent years. That the man spends a lot of time and attention on his appearance may be clear.

Double-Edged Safety Razor

The old shaving is one of the things that are becoming popular again. ‘Shaving the old fashioned way’ as the English say so beautifully. Original and antique razors are widely purchased and used. If you want to shave home again, you can use the Double-Edged Safety Razor. When you decide to enter the Safety Razor adventure there are a number of aspects to keep in mind. The following video explains how to best shave with a Safety Razor.

‘All starts are difficult’ and that applies to a certain extent also to the Safety Razor. There must be some time, but that patience will be rewarded.

One of the many benefits is little or no ingrown hair anymore. For a 3-blade or 5-blade blade that is usually on the modern razor blades, the hair is lifted up to shave. This increases the risk of ingrown hair and can cause more skin irritation. Additionally, your skin becomes smoother than with a Safety Razor. The loose double edged razors are also less harmful to the environment than today’s cartridge razors. Another big advantage is the price difference compared to the modern razor blades. The purchase of the container costs between € 20 and € 30. Per five double-edged razors, you pay a few euros. With an average beard growth, these double-edged razor blades remain sharp from four to eight sharpenings.

Shaving with a Double-Edged Safety Razor is a true experience. Shaving is fun and exciting again. You will feel even more like a man than you were already.

Advantages of a Safety Razor Compared to Modern Razors:

– Much cheaper
– No ingrown hairs anymore
– Less skin irritation
– Better for the environment
– You will feel manly man than ever before

See the instruction video below:

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As it should be : Double Edged Safety Razor

Shaving, shaving in a Barbershop, taking the time to take care of...
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