What does alum do?

Alum is a double salt of potassium and aluminium sulphate. It is a versatile product that can be used for many applications. But nowadays it is mostly known as a shaving tool. Alum is used as a styptic by people who have cut themselves during shaving. Alum binds itself to the proteins of the damaged skin, which causes the skin to contract and stop the bleeding.

The benefits of alum

  1. Alum works as a disinfectant and helps to stop the bleeding.
  2. It prevents skin irritations, calms and restores the skin after shaving.
  3. Alum neutralises soap and prevents dehydration by soap residues.
  4. It closes the pores
  5. Gives a refreshing feeling
  6. Suitable for people with sensitive skin
  7. Cheap and odourless

Block or stick?

Alum is available in various shapes. You have the block and the stick. The sticks are best when dotting small shaving wounds. A block is much cheaper and will last you longer. When you want to use the block for shaving wounds. First, wet your block with water and gently press the block on the skin of the irritation of wound

Alternatives uses of alum

As mentioned earlier, alum is a versatile product. Besides having many benefits for shaving. Alum is also a very effective neutral deodorant. Alum neutralizes the sweat smell and leaves no white spots on your clothing. Because alum has a disinfectant effect, it is also very effective for people with acne. Alum is always useful!

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