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Quality shoe care starts with Saphir: one of the oldest, most traditional and best shoe care producers in the world. The French brand has evolved over the nearly hundred years it exists, but has never lost its glory. Distinctly Different had a glimpse behind the scenes.

The way you treat your shoes, is the way you treat yourself,’ exclaims Gael Birot, sales manager of what might just be the best shoe care in the world; Saphir. The French brand, originally established in 1920, won the Medaille d’Or (gold medal) at the Paris fair. Since then it is called Saphir Medaille d’Or. And although nearly hundred years have passed, it is still a leading brand when it comes to shoe care. Many years later a lot has changed, but the product is still the same.

‘We have a different formula than any other cream. It is solvent based, instead of water-based. Solvent cleans and cares at the same time,’ explains Birot. The shoe creams are made out of beeswax, a natural ingredient that feeds, protects and helps waterproof the leather. It’s important to always use a shoe cream that contains beeswax. The creams are completed with seven other nourishing and natural ingredients – such as carnauba wax, which enhances the shine of beeswax. If you’ve invested in quality shoes, invest in a quality, natural shoe cream.

Anyone who is serious about looking groomed should be serious about polished shoes. ‘For me, the look is the most important reason to polish my shoes,’ says Birot. ‘But it also makes the life of shoes a lot longer. By caring for your shoes you avoid leather chaps and burned stitches.’

It might seem like an old, almost forgotten tradition, – polishing shoes – but there seems to be a rising popularity for shoe care products. More and more people seem to want to go back to the basics, to more authentic ways. ‘We see it as well,’ says Birot, ‘more and more websites that sell barber stuff and clothing accessories are requesting Saphir shoe creams.’ It’s so popular that Saphir is growing at 10 percent per year. Birot: ‘We sell the most shoe care products in Russia, Japan and Holland.’

Since winning the price for their shoe cream, Saphir has expanded the range of products. Although the traditional cream in a jar, Pommadier, is still the most popular, there are many other great products. To name a few: Saphir Pate de Luxe – a rich, high gloss wax, Saphir Renovateur – to restore your leather, Saphir Lotion – for the cleaning of your leather, Saphir Omni’Nettoyant – for the cleaning of soft leathers such as suede, and so on. There are also special products for different types of leather, such as nappa and reptile, and brushes for suede, shine brushes and cloths. Shoe lovers can indulge in some serious shoe care with the wide range of Saphir. Especially for them we have the Distinctivo Saphir shoe care valet; a high end valet that was designed to combine functionality with beauty, equipped with all the luxurious necessities of Saphir.

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