How to – The Tuxedo

The smoking, dinner jacket or tuxedo is a classic evening suit created for the real gentlemen of the world. It’s usually worn when attending gala’s, luxury dinners or other occasions that take part during the evening and late night.

The tuxedo is regularly used anywhere in the world and is the more trendy version of the tailcoat. A full smoking consists of a jacket, usually black or dark-blue with a silk peaked lapel or silk shawl collar. The trouser has a silk line from the hip down to the ankle. The tux made its first appearance in 1887 in England and little later, in 1889, it appeared in the United States. Its name ‘Tuxedo’ was also introduced in the States: In Tuxedo, a wealthy suburb north of New York City, the smoking rapidly became a common piece in men’s wardrobe. Also, the smoking is often called a penguin-suit, due to its resemblance with the beautiful bird that only lives in the southern hemisphere. A couple garments are essential to accompany your tux. First off, you need a well-ironed shirt with visible or hidden buttons made for example by Emanuel Berg. The collar can be a normal one but the wingtip collar is a perfect example as well. Usually, the suit is finished by a beautiful handmade silk bowtie. Make sure you tie your bowtie yourself, this gives flair to your suit and makes your outfit a little less formal. Add a nice pair of Pantherella socks and Loake patent leather shoes and you are good to go!


On the right, a peaked lapel. On the left a shawl collar

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