5 mistakes you should not make with a new suit

1. Buy a polyester suit
A suit made from polyester or another type of plastic wire, doesn’t breathe as well as a woollen, linen or other natural type of wire. Natural materials also look smoother and do not have the unnatural gloss that comes from plastic fibres that looks inexpensive and won’t age as well as a woollen suit. A woollen suit will eventually adjust perfectly to your body and fit just right, your suit will become you. Make sure when buying a suit, to have a look at the components at the label inside the jacket, polyester is a no go! Most of the time, when a deal for a suit seems to good to be true, it is (partly) made of polyester fibre.

2. Cutting open your jacket’s front pockets
Of course, pockets are really handy and can bear a lot of stuff, like your phone, keys and wallet. But cutting open and using these pockets makes your jacket wrinkled and looks shabby. When you keep your front pockets closed, it will ensure a well-groomed appearance and keep your jacket in good shape instead of unbalancing its natural fit and ruining your great look. Another disadvantage of using those pockets is that it causes a faster wear and tear and an unkempt jacket. So remember: keep your front pockets closed!

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3. Leaving the stitching in the back of the suit
After suits leave their production atelier, they are shipped all over the world and do quite some travelling. To ensure the original model will stay in shape and will reach the store or client just as perfect as it was in the atelier, on a couple of place of the suit temporarily stitching is applied. This stitching should be removed when your suit has been adjusted to your wishes. Usually, the back vents of the suit are stitched so they stay in place just fine. Also, some tailors add stitching to the shoulders and cuffs of the jacket; this should be removed as well. Your suit is now ready to be worn!

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4. Using thin hangers
A quality suit has a natural fit and well-formed shoulders. When using a thin hanger that is meant for T-shirts and other simpler garments, your shoulders will start to lose their natural fit and form. This is a real pity and is easy to prevent. One the one hand, you can of course use the hanger that has come with the suit if you have a decent tailor. This will be a hanger that will keep your suit in shape. But if you have lost your hanger or your suit was not delivered with a proper hanger, it is advisable to buy a proper hanger with natural shape as surrogate shoulders.

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5. Leaving the brand tag at the sleeve
When buying a suit, it usually has a brand tag on its cuff. When the suit is waiting to be sold in the racks, this is done so both customers and store employees know which brand they are looking at and an easy way to find the best fitting suit for the customer, as different brands have different sizes and fittings. After buying a suit, the tag should be removed from the cuff not only because it looks silly but also because it can be seen as a way to brag with your expensive suit brand and of course this is not what you want. A true connoisseur will distinguish a proper quality suit from a cheap one.

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