Why are badger hair shaving brushes the best?

A shaving brush is one of the most important shaving accessories you can have. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked. The best shaving brushes are made of badger hair. Badger hair scrubs the skin, opens the pores and stimulates the hair follicles so that the hair stands straight. This allows you to have a closer shave.

Why badger hair compared to other shaving brushes?

There are several types of shaving brushes on the market. These vary widely in terms of price and quality. The difference between the brushes is in the hairs that are used. You have three types of hair used for shaving brushes: synthetic, pork hair and badger hair

Shaving brushes made of synthetic hair are the cheapest available. The hair does not hold much water and does not produce much foam. But the hairs are as soft and elastic as the brushes made of badger hair. If you are allergic to animals, then you should consider buying shaving brushes made of synthetic hairs. In order to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Pork hair
Pork hair brushes are a cheaper variant of the badger hair brushes. The pork hair holds the moisture better and produces more foam than the synthetic variant. The hairs of this brush feel much harder and stiffer than the synthetic of badger hair variant.

Badger hair
Brushes made from badger hair are the best quality brushes available. The hairs are soft, absorbs a lot of moisture and produces a lot of foam. The brushes are available in three variants.

  1. Pure Badger
    This brush is most suitable for new users. It offers all the benefits of a good badger hair brush at an affordable price. It is good quality hair that will soften over time. The brush will last for years with minimal maintenance.
  2. Best Badger
    Best badger brushes are the best brushes in terms of price and quality. The hair is of high quality and manually assembled. It is soft at the tip and can last many years with the right maintenance.
  3. Silvertip Badger
    The silvertip badger hair brushes are the best quality brushes available. The hairs emanate from the neck of the badger. This makes it the softest brushes with a lot of resistance. The brushes are manually assembled and should last for 10 years, provided they are well maintained.

Which type of brush is most suitable for what type of skin?

  • The Silvertip brushes are most suitable for men with dry and sensitive skin. The brush hairs are very soft and offer a thorough scrub. The brush is most suitable for middle-aged of elderly men.
  • Best badger hair brushes are best for people with normal skin (not oily, not dry either). It offers a less firm scrub but has nice soft hair. Great for young thirty-year-olds.
  • The Pure badger hair brushes are best suited for men with oily skin. The brush works well for scrubbing, it opens the pores and cleans thoroughly but is abrasive on the sensitive skin.


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