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The Dutch brand WITLOFT produces beautiful, durable leather aprons. Made of high-quality Dutch saddle leather, the aprons are perfect for any cook, barbeque fanatic or shoe polishing enthusiast. How Frank Abbenhuis went from creating an apron in his garden shed to an internationally successful brand.

From an Amsterdam garden shed to an atmospheric workplace, WITLOFT grew rapidly in the last years. The Dutch artisan leather apron brand was founded in 2014 by Frank Abbenhuis in his own garden shed. With a passion for cooking and furniture-making, he was looking for a beautiful and durable apron, but what he wanted, didn’t exist. And so he learned everything he needed to know about leather manufacturing. He started designing, and made his first WITLOFT apron out of a rough piece of leather. Initially creating it for himself, and later for friends, the demand grew and grew.

Nowadays WITLOFT creates beautiful and functional aprons in many colours, for men, women and even kids. The aprons are sold all over the world. They have also expanded their range with tableware and accessories – all using the highest quality leather, which is treated and finished by hand in their Dutch workplace. The great thing about the WITLOFT aprons is that they are multifunctional. Whether you are the king of cooking, a barbeque enthusiast, a professional barista, a handyman or a little bit of everything, the apron will be perfect for you. The apron is also ideal to polish your shoes or if you just have a love for craftsmanship. Because WITLOFT is all about that craftsmanship. From the workplace to the designs. All products are handmade, which means every product is unique. WITLOFT uses only durable and beautiful Dutch saddle leather.

Superior to linen and cotton, leather is heat-resistant which makes it perfect for tending the BBQ for example. Because of the high quality of the leather and the craftsmanship, the aprons are very durable. Even better: the leather, being a natural product, allows the aprons to age beautifully over time. The aprons are a perfect gift, for a friend or just for yourself. You can even make them more unique by personalizing them with a (nick) name, date or message. Now available on our Distinctly Different website.

Shop the aprons on www.distinctly-different.com/witloft

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